SilencerCo Fixed Barrel Spacer


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Works with:

    • Osprey series
    • Octane series
    • Omega K series
    • Hybrid

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The SilencerCo Fixed Barrel Spacer replaces the booster spring and disables the movement in the Nielsen device (booster) so the SilencerCo Osprey, Octane, Omega k and Hybrid 46 family of suppressors can be used on firearms with fixed barrels; mostly subguns and pistol caliber carbines. Made from 17-4 stainless steel then heat treated for maximum durability. Requires the use of a SilencerCo Piston to mount to the host firearm.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: SilencerCo
Model: AC22
Length: 1.25 in (32 mm)
Width: 0.945 in (24 mm)
Height: 0.945 in (24 mm)
Weight: .625 oz (18 g)

Additional information

Weight.625 oz
Dimensions4.25 × 3.2 × 1 in


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