AllArms accepts all transfers, both dealer and individual, with only one stipulation. We will not send a copy of our FFL to non-dealers. Individuals wishing to send us a firearm may verify our license and address using the ATF eZCheck site by entering 9-86-14454 in the spaces provided. This is all that is needed by a non-dealers to send a firearm to us. This policy is in place because of potential fraud, which happens on a regular basis, with copies of licenses.

There is no law, nor policy, which requires you to have a copy of our license as an individual.

Licensed dealers are legally required to obtain a copy of our FFL before shipping firearms to us and we will gladly provide it.

AllArms will, upon receipt of a firearm, contact the buyer to inform them of receipt, and provide a link to our Calendar page to make an appointment for pickup. This is usually done through a text message first and then, if needed an email or call.

Our transfer fees are as follows:

  • $15 standard
  • $10 with AZ CWP
  • $5 for public safety employees.
  • $5 for each additional firearm on same transfer.
  • $75 NFA transfers**

** – $0 for silencers from SilencerShop to us and anything purchased directly from us, $75 OR 1% of purchase price for all other NFA items, whichever is higher.


Consignment firearms are taken on a case by case basis. AllArms charges $25 or 10%, whichever is higher, for consignment items, settled after sale is completed. AllArms will, following prior arrangement, list firearms for sale on AllArms’s Armslist page. If AllArms does not take possession of the firearm prior to transfer to buyer, a $25 flat fee applies. If AllArms takes possession before the transfer is arranged, the consignment fee of $25 or 10%, whichever is higher, applies. Either party, seller or buyer, may pay these fees.

If AllArms takes possession of a firearm and it does not sell in the seller’s timeframe, no fee is assessed. However, the seller will be required to complete a 4473, including background check, for the return of the firearm. This is an ATF requirement.

Private Party Transfers:

AllArms will facilitate the private transfer of firearms as well. Our standard transfer fee of $15 applies. Again, either party may pay.

SEE ALSO our Terms and Conditions for transfers.