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The PTR VENT 2 suppressor, tailored for the 9x19mm caliber, is a testament to the fusion of advanced additive manufacturing and titanium use. Its monolithic, 3D-printed structure is a benchmark in durable and fail-safe design.

With its unique internal venting system and intricate baffle geometry, the VENT 2 excels in softening the sharp ‘port pop’ typical in suppressed firearms. It significantly lowers muzzle noise, complemented by specialized coatings that reduce both erosion and visual detection.

At the core of the VENT 2 lies our Purposely Induced Porosity (PIP) technology. This patented approach masterfully controls explosive gas expansion, surpassing traditional baffle designs. The result? Unparalleled quietness and a remarkably smooth shooting experience.

The VENT 2’s practical design features a modest length of 7.6 inches and a mere weight of 8.9 ounces, ensuring it doesn’t weigh down your firearm. Its versatile 1.125×28 direct thread adapter makes mounting effortless.

With multiple U.S. Patents, the VENT 2 represents a new standard in suppressor performance: impeccable efficiency, extraordinary durability, and a stealthy profile that ushers in a new epoch in sound suppression.

With the VENT 2, experience a hushed revolution in your shooting – not just silence, but a whisper of titanium excellence.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: PTR
Model: VENT 2
Diameter: 1.5 in (38 mm)
Length: 7.6 in (193 mm)
Weight: 8.9 oz (252 g)
Caliber: 9 mm (0.4)

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